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Hi,  We are  Platalea

Established at Taipei City in 2017.

A legal immigration agency registered with the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior.

Platalea specializes in immigrant services to Taiwan for all nationalities and offers related application processing and consultation services.

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The Origin of Platalea’s Name 

{ 鷺鳴 ‧ PLATALEA 
Service Objects of Platalea

Specialize in the application and consultation service of "Immigration to Taiwan".

  • Regardless your nationality:
    Hong Kong or Macau residents,    People from Mainland Area, Foreign Nationals or Nationals Without Household Registration


  • Regardless your reason of coming Taiwan:
    Investment, employment, dependent, professional exchange or others.

We will do our best to assist you!

Main services of Platalea
  • Services for residency, permanent residency or naturalization.

  • Handling non-tourists Taiwan visas services. Other consulting services related to immigration to Taiwan

  • Work permit application services for Foreign Professionals

  • Business Center Virtual Office Services

Please feel free to contact and discuss with us if you have other related needs.


Platalea Team Introduction

We are relatively young compared to most of the immigration company in Taiwan, with energetic and enthusiastic members from various background, creating a diversity of languages, cultures and mindsets.

We are pleased to satisfied your needs to communicate in Cantonese, English, Japanese, or other languages; we are pleased to provide the consultation services through actual face-to-face meetings, voice or video calls, and various communication software.

Besides immigration consultation, we also provide consultation and counseling services related to immigration to Taiwan and life planning in Taiwan according to each customer's needs.

Whether your goal of coming Taiwan is to reunite with your relatives, to realize your dream by starting a business, to enjoy your retirement life, or to experience the local cultures of this Treasure Island.... We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Platalea’s Experiences

Since 2017

As at mid 2021, we have served about 150 Hong Kong and Macau Residents families, about 130 Foreign Nationals/People of Mainland Area/Nationals Without Household Registration and provided immigration application services, provided free consultation services for over 5,000 people.


Platalea will uphold our enthusiasm and continue to refine our professionalism and service quality. 

We hope to provide you with rich and quality services.

Platalea’s Licenses

In Taiwan, immigration service industry and employment service industry are all licensed industries and must obtain the relevant licenses issued by the competent authorities in order to operate legally.

Platalea having

[Certificate of Registration of Immigration Business Agency]

Approved and issued by National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior

[License of Private Employment Service Agency]

Approved and issued by Ministry of Labor

Legal and Compliance Operation
Immigration of foreign nationals to Taiwan
All kinds of foreign professionals working in Taiwan
related services and consultation.
We look forward to providing you with professional and quality services.


Respect, Honesty, Professionalism

Platalea always upholds the principle of mutual respect, trust and understanding with our customers, values the trust you give us, and strives to provide you with relevant services at reasonable and practical rates.

Platalea believes in the honesty and ethics of the industry and expects to carry out the tenet of taking customers' interests as the starting point, customers' needs as the guide, and customers' happiness as the basis, and is willing to discover the most suitable solution for you.

Platalea will work hard and continue to improve our professionalism and service quality with enthusiasm, and we hope to provide you with quality services.

Platalea’s Core Values and Vision
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