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​Japan Accommodation

Accommodation Arrangement Service in Japan

Luming cooperates with local Japanese companies,

Assistance with rental housing related services:

  • Introducing different types of accommodation in Japan

  • Recommend rental items according to the applicant's needs

  • Agent contact and accommodation application procedures


Introduction to Japanese Accommodation Types


school dormitory

There are two types of school dormitories: one is the dormitory managed by the school itself, and the other is an apartment-type dormitory that the school leases from a real estate company for a long time as a dormitory. You can apply for admission when you apply for the school, and you don't need a guarantor. Some school dormitories are located near the school and can be reached on foot, which can save transportation costs.

Although the rent of school dormitories is cheap, they are usually private rooms, which need to share bathroom, kitchen and other equipment with other students. Most of them are double or quadruple rooms, and the number of single rooms is small. The school dormitory does not provide meals, and students need to cook or eat out by themselves.

The dormitory is under the unified management of the school, and the occupants are all students of the same school, which is more secure in terms of safety. If there are any problems with the house during the stay, you can also directly report to the school, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with the problems of the school and the accommodation. Even Japanese beginners can stay at ease.

apartment (1).png

General apartment

There are no access restrictions for self-rental, and all the facilities in the room are used by one person, with a high degree of comfort and privacy. It should be noted that most of the rental houses in Japan are empty houses, with only air-conditioning, kitchen and bathroom equipment. You must purchase furniture and household appliances yourself. You must also pay a deposit, key money, and agency fee (usually 1 month each) when signing the contract. The amount of rent), fire insurance premiums, lock replacement costs and other initial costs.

If you have enough funds and want to live a live-out life with high autonomy and less restrictions, renting a house by yourself is your best choice. Luming cooperates with a number of Japanese rental housing companies, and can view houses and sign contracts online in Taiwan, and can move in on the day they arrive in Japan to start studying abroad.


Student Union

The special feature of the Student Union Hall is that it is limited to those with student status, and there is no need for a high deposit, key money, or a guarantor when applying. In addition to meeting international students from different schools and nationalities, staying in the Student Union Hall also has the opportunity to communicate with Japanese students who live in the hall. Most of the student union halls are located near the station. Generally speaking, the commute time is about 20 to 40 minutes.

The student union halls are all single rooms with basic furniture and appliances such as tables and chairs, beds, wardrobes, and air conditioners. Private bathrooms or shared bathrooms are not necessarily required. Some student union halls restrict male or female occupancy.

Most of the international student associations have access control, and are managed by the head of the host and the mother of the host. They provide breakfast, dinner and two meals, taking into account both safety and convenience. It is suitable for young international students who are living independently for the first time, and families in their home countries can feel at ease.



The so-called Homestay , living in a Japanese family, can experience the most authentic Japanese daily life.

Families who are willing to host international students are very friendly and willing to conduct cross-cultural exchanges. The host family will prepare a personal bedroom and provide breakfast or breakfast and dinner. During the boarding period, international students spend a lot of time with Japanese people, such as eating together, going shopping, practicing Japanese chat, etc., which is a very good way to improve Japanese ability.

Luming cooperates with " Homestay in Japan!! ", a Japanese company specializing in homestays, to provide friendly and safe host families for international students to live in, whether it is a short-term stay of a few days or a long-term one year (long-term stayers may The host family will be changed midway). It should be noted that the location of the host family cannot be specified. Generally speaking, it may take about 40 to 60 minutes to complete the school day.

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Share House

That is, renting an apartment, each person has his own independent room, sharing kitchen, living room, toilet, bathroom and other facilities.

Most of the Share Houses are operated and managed by companies, and the occupants sign contracts with the management companies. When there is a dispute between the occupants, the management company will coordinate in the middle, so that all the occupants can live with peace of mind.

The biggest feature of Share House is that the contract is very free. Generally, the rental contract for Japanese apartments is usually 2 years as a unit, while the shortest rent for a Share House can be only 1 month. In addition, many Share Houses do not need to pay key money, deposits, agency fees and other requirements when renting a house in Japan. There is no need for a joint guarantor for the initial cost. For foreigners who are about to start a new life in a foreign country, it will be much easier to live in a Share House than in an ordinary Japanese apartment.

Easy Comparison Chart
Types of accommodation in Japan

Note: The above table is for preliminary reference only. The relevant occupancy rules and the actual rental amount will still vary according to the regulations of different accommodation units.

Introduction to Japanese accommodation units that Luming cooperates with

All over Japan


wagaya Japan

  • wagaya Japan specializes in providing services for foreigners who have Japanese housing needs, including long-term and short-term rental and sales.

  • The range of objects includes all of Japan, and there are various room types to choose from, whether it is a share house that wants to keep the budget down, or an independent suite that wants to have comfort and privacy.

  • You can view houses and sign contracts online while you are overseas, make arrangements before you go abroad, and move in immediately after you go to Japan (subject to Japanese quarantine regulations for epidemic prevention).

  • There are staff who can communicate in Chinese to provide consultation and assistance 24 hours a day, so there is no need to worry about language problems.

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​ All over Japan

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  in Japan!!

  • " Homestay " is one of the best ways to experience the accommodation environment of a real Japanese family. Homestay in Japan!! There are cooperating homestay families in almost all parts of Japan, and after the actual visit of the company staff, it is confirmed that the family is suitable for hosting foreigners before being included in the cooperating object.

  • In addition to using the Japanese that you have learned, you can fully communicate with each other in the homestay family. For example, if you apply through Homestay in Japan !! , you can also arrange the most suitable homestay family according to your conditions and preferences. !!We will also arrange to replace other suitable host families as much as possible.

  • The boarding fee is calculated on a daily basis and can be applied for as short as a few days or as long as a year.

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​Kansai area


TAKUTO ​  Zhaidu

  • Zakudu was established in Osaka and has a branch in Taiwan. It specializes in the sale and rental of houses in the Kansai area. There are a large number of items. In addition to general apartment suites, there is also a student union hall with meals and furniture. It is the first choice for international students going to Osaka.

  • If you want to rent residential properties, the signing process can be completed in Taiwan in advance, and a Japanese guarantor is not required.

  • Some room types provide online VR home viewing service, making it more convenient to select objects.

  • Even if you don't know Japanese, you can communicate in Chinese throughout the process, and the specialists will provide life-related services, so you can live safely and more at ease.

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​Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe



  • Borderless House operates Share houses in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Share houses are mostly private rooms, sharing living room, kitchen, bathroom and other equipment with roommates. They do not need a guarantor in Japan and can be rented for a short period of time. Therefore, they have become the first choice for many foreign students to rent a house.

  • The objects managed by Borderless House are mainly in Tokyo and Keihanshin areas.

  • The characteristic of Borderless House is that it often holds international exchange activities. Whether it is current residents or people who have left or even returned to China, they can participate in physical or online activities and communicate with each other. In addition to language exchange, you can even stay in Borderless House 's rooms in different countries for free, and enjoy the fun of communicating with foreigners and traveling!

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All over Japan


Kyoritsu International Exchange Scholarship Foundation

Learning reward lodging. International Exchange Hall

  • Learning Incentive Dormitory·International Exchange Center is a student dormitory operated by Kyoritsu Group and offered to international students at a discounted price.

  • There are study award rooms in Hokkaido, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Fukuoka and other places, and the International Exchange Center is located in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • The dormitory provides two meals in the morning and evening, and there is a permanent administrator.

  • The rooms are all single rooms, including desks, wardrobes, beds and other furniture. If necessary, you can also rent refrigerators and TVs. Some room types have dedicated bathrooms, while others have shared bathrooms.

  • Applications for occupancy with a minimum lease term of one month are accepted.

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Nagoya ·

Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kanazawa, etc.



  • SHARE HOUSE 180° is based in Nagoya and currently has rental properties in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kanazawa and other places.

  • Not only rooms that simply provide accommodation, but many share houses have different features, such as: pets can live together, there are various sports facilities, English cultural exchanges, rooms suitable for home office and so on.

  • There is no need for deposit, key money or rental of furniture and home appliances. The initial cost is generally only 100,000 yen as a deposit, which greatly saves initial expenses.

  • The signing procedures can be completed before going abroad, and the whole process can be corresponded in Chinese, so there is no need to worry about language problems.

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​ All over Japan



  • LEOPALACE21 specializes in Japanese housing rentals, with objects distributed in 43 prefectures in Japan.

  • There is no agency fee to rent a house through LEOPALACE21 . The whole process can be answered in Chinese. There is also a Taiwan branch to provide consulting services. All application procedures can be completed before going abroad.

  • All rooms are equipped with basic furniture and appliances, and international students can move in and start their lives on the day they arrive.

  • A minimum lease period of one month is acceptable.

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Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe



  • OAKHOUSE manages about 250 Share houses , all of which are located in the metropolitan area and Keihanshin.

  • There is no need for a guarantor, no deposit, key money, or agency fee to check in; there is no restriction on the nationality and occupation of the occupant.

  • Most of the rooms are elegant rooms, that is, bathroom facilities, living room, kitchen are shared with roommates, and basic furniture is attached.

  • OAKHOUSE often organizes various activities such as PARTY , allowing residents to communicate with each other. Even if you go to Japan to study alone, you will not be alone in your life.

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Dongren Student Union

  • The Student Union is a student dormitory operated and managed by an accommodation company. The occupants are limited to student status. The environment is simple, and it provides breakfast and dinner, saving time for shopping and cooking. The student union hall is staffed by the head and mother, not only for security check, but also for immediate assistance in various life problems. Some student union halls also hold exchange activities so that students from different schools can get to know each other.

  • There are more than ten Dongren Student Union Halls, all of which are located in Tokyo.

  • There are co-ed, male-only and female-only dormitories.

  • The room types are all single rooms, including desks, wardrobes, beds and other furniture. Some room types have dedicated bathrooms, and there are also rooms with shared bathrooms.

  • Applications for occupancy with a minimum lease term of one month are accepted.

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Tokyo, Osaka



  • XROSS HOUSE has four major characteristics: sincere and meticulous service, lower charges than the industry, a location with excellent living functions, and located in a popular and lively area.

  • The properties of XROSS HOUSE are mainly located in Tokyo, but recently new properties in Osaka have been added. The room types include share houses and apartment suites with furniture and appliances, which can be selected according to personal preference.

  • The initial cost of all items is the same. The monthly rent of the share house is about 30,000 yen; the monthly rent of the apartment suite is about 50,000 yen, and there are often discounts, come and see what kind of room is available!

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More cooperative Japanese accommodation companies are continuing to be added!
If you already have a place you'd like to stay, but it's not on the list,
Welcome to contact Luming, we will assist in contact and follow-up!

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Not sure which category is suitable? Let Luming assist you.

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