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General international students

Can study in Japan

types of school






Japanese language educational institutions

Japanese language courses in language schools, university courses, and vocational schools,

They mainly teach foreigners Japanese.

Luming classified the three as the same kind and collectively referred to as "Japanese Language Education Institutions"

University・Research Institute

Luming currently does not assist with the admission application procedures for studying in universities and research institutes in Japan, but Luming can guide the application procedures for student visas and provide other assistance related to going to Japan.

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Studying in Japan


Consulting and agency services


Provide comprehensive services from consulting planning
Accompany you until you go to Japan to enroll and continue to care


I also want to study abroad in Japan, how do I start?

Step 1

​think first

Study abroad purpose


Why do I want to study in Japan?

What do I want to achieve?

Studying abroad is not only about obtaining a diploma,

It can also help with various other purposes:


‧Continue to study in Japan,

Attending universities, research institutes, vocational schools

‧Stay in Japan for employment or return to your home country or go overseas for employment

‧Language learning and cultural experience

‧Enhancing Japanese coping skills through part-time work

application process

​Take long-term study abroad as an example

​6 months before admission

​5 months before admission

​about 3 months before enrollment

​About 1 week before admission

​waiting period for review results

About 2~3 months

 Gathering intelligence 

 Registration preparation 

 Prepare before departure 

 Waiting for application result 

 Departure to Japan 

 Submit application 


Well, I decided to study abroad for a long time! what's next?

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Luming Study Abroad Agency‧Services


one-on-one consultation

  • One-to-one free consultation

  • Provide school brochures and information

  • ​Provide application direction and school selection suggestions


Document writing and translation

  • Assist in writing the reason for studying abroad

  • Assist in the translation of application materials

  • ​Issued a letter of recommendation


Accommodation application

  • Provide various accommodation suggestions

  • ​Assistance in applying and arranging accommodation

  • Common accommodation options:

  1. ​School Dormitory

  2. Student Union

  3. Share House

  4. Homestay


study abroad loan

  • Loans for studying abroad with preferential terms provided by the bank that Luming cooperates with

  • ​ It is not limited to go to Japan to study for a degree, and those who are expected to study in language schools can also apply


Guidance on preparing application materials

  • Provide document templates

  • Guidance to fill in the application information

  • Assistance in translating and revising application documents


interview practice

  • Provide interview-related advice

  • Provide mock interview practice


ticket sim_edited.png

Booking air tickets, phone cards

  • Arrangement and booking of air tickets by Luming in cooperation with the travel industry

  • The telecom operators cooperated with Luming will assist in applying for telephone cards and internet cards


Assistance after going to Japan

  • Ongoing care for study and daily life after arrival in Japan

  • Assist in responding to various emergencies


Agent application procedure

  • Contact the school to confirm the application information before submitting the application

  • Assemble and send application documents

  • Contact the school to follow up on the application progress

  • ​ Act as a bridge between the applicant and the school


Sending documents to and from the school

  • ​Transfer various documents to the Japanese school on behalf of the applicant

  • Transfer the admission permit and various documents to the applicant on behalf of the school


Pre-departure instructions

  • Guidance on pre-departure preparations

  • Pre-departure briefing

Are there other projects that need Luming's assistance?

I want to book a free consultation with Luming!

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In order to provide advice that suits you,

Welcome to leave your basic information,

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