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Hong Kong and Macau residents




The so-called {people of the mainland area}

The " people of the mainland area " recognized by Taiwan's immigration laws are:

1. People with household registration in the mainland area, and

2. People living in mainland China who live abroad.

" People from Mainland China living abroad "

Including those who were born abroad and hold passports from mainland China,

But not including the following people who have lived abroad for more than 4 years:    

a. Those who have acquired local nationality;  

b. Those who have obtained local permanent residency and hold a valid passport in my country.  

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How people from the mainland come to Taiwan


About coming to work in Taiwan

Currently not open to mainlanders

Come to Taiwan directly through work

Divided by the people from the mainland who are legally residing in Taiwan as their spouses,

Our country has not yet opened up people from the mainland to work directly in Taiwan.

If you want to come to Taiwan to engage in specific business activities and professional exchanges,

You need to apply to come to Taiwan through the applicable name.

According to the regulations, the immigration company cannot handle it

Applications for people from mainland China to visit Taiwan.

Please entrust it to be announced by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport

"Taiwan travel agencies that meet the qualifications for sightseeing and reception of mainlanders" will handle it on behalf of them.

About coming to work in Taiwan


Social exchange

  1. short-term family visit

  2. long-term family visit

  3. reunion

  4. Accompanying reunion

  5. Funeral or return of remains and ashes

  6. ​Visit or conduct other social exchange activities

  1. General project license and enterprise internal transfer project license

  2. Project long-term family visit

Social exchange

Social exchange

  1. Religious Doctrine Training

  2. educational lectures

  3. investment management

  4. Scientific and technological research

  5. Art and Literature

  6. ​Assist in sports national team training

  7. Station service

  8. trainee

  9. ​Short-term professional exchange

  1. speech

  2. business study

  3. compliance activities

  4. Internal Relocation of Multinational Enterprises

  5. Short-term business activity exchange​

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Social exchange

Social exchange

  1. seek medical treatment

  2. peer care

  3. Health Checkup or Aesthetic Medicine​


Depending on the reasons for applying to stay in Taiwan, the following applications will vary accordingly:

  1. length of stay

  2. Types of documents that can be issued

  3. Conditions for applying for extension

  4. Can be accompanied or accompanied by relatives


The reasons why people from the mainland area can apply to come to Taiwan to stay

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People from mainland China who can apply for residence in Taiwan or long-term residence

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Chinese spouse

Be applicable

​Residence, long-term residence


Based on social, political, economic, educational, technological, or cultural considerations, those who have been approved by the competent authority can stay in Taiwan for a long time.

Please check the relevant conditions from the link below:

​Project permission

Be applicable

​Long-term residence


People from mainland China who can apply to settle in Taiwan

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Straight blood relatives or spouses of Chinese nationals

Those over 70 years old


Including the age of 12 years old

Children of Chinese

Adopted children

Grandchildren of Chinese and their spouses,

Great-grandchildren and their immediate blood relatives

Children under 12

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Chinese spouse

Including the spouse of a Chinese mainland citizen who meets one of the following conditions

Licensed in Taiwan long-term residence for a continuous period of 2 years, lived in Taiwan for more than a year more than 183 days and in accordance with the relevant provisions

Remarry with the original relative within 30 days after the divorce , and meet the previous days of residence in Taiwan and relevant regulations, obtain the exercise or burden of the rights and obligations of minor biological children with household registration in Taiwan after the divorce, and meet the requirements of the previous stay in Taiwan The number of days of residence and related regulations. Those who have suffered domestic violence and are divorced by the court, and have minor children with household registration in Taiwan, and meet the number of days of residence in Taiwan and relevant regulations. The Taiwanese spouse dies, has not remarried and meets the requirements Those who have stayed in Taiwan for the number of days and relevant regulations

If a Taiwanese spouse dies, he must take care of his minor children who have already registered in Taiwan, and he is currently entering Taiwan to stay in Taiwan or stay with relatives or stay for long


Under special license in Taiwan long-term residence for a continuous period of 2 years,

Lived in Taiwan for more than a year more than 183 days, and in accordance with the relevant provisions

​Project permission

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