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A 專門性技術性

Category A ‧ Work Permit Specialized or Skilled Work



renovation works or

Construction Technology Jobs

Engaged in construction technical guidance, quality control or construction engineering planning, design, supervision, and technical consultation.

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Category B ‧ Work Permit

  Overseas Chinese or foreigners

  Government approved

  Investment or business establishment

Supervisor work for  



General work in charge of overseas investment business


Accompanying the resident foreign spouse to be employed in Taiwan to engage in part-time supervisors of overseas Chinese or foreigners investing or setting up businesses_cc781905-5cde


Category C ‧ Work Permit

school teacher job


C01 Foreign teachers' work in colleges and universities

Work as a foreign language teacher in the foreign language center of the college

C01 Work of foreign teachers in technical colleges

C02 Foreign teachers' work in foreign expatriate schools

C03-C04 High school vocational foreign teacher work

C03-C04 Foreign teacher work in primary and secondary schools

Category D・Work Permit

Full-time cram school

foreign language teacher job


Refers to foreigners employed in short-term remedial classes registered under the Remedial Education Act, and to engage in language courses taught in the official language of the passport nationality.


Category E ‧ Work Permit Sports Coaches and Athletes Work

Refers to foreigners who meet certain qualifications (for example, coaches should obtain national coaching certificates, athletes should have represented in international or national competitions, etc.) to be employed as sports coaches and athletes.

E01. sports coach

E02._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_athlete


Category F ‧ Work Permit Arts and Performing Arts Work

Refers to the foreigner in the specified workplace,

Employed to work in the arts and performing arts.


Category G ‧ Work permit fulfillment personnel

In order to fulfill the needs of contracts such as contracting, trading, and technical cooperation, foreign corporations must assign foreigners to work in Taiwan to perform "specialized or technical work" or "supervisory work for overseas Chinese or foreigners to invest or set up businesses" in Taiwan .


Not sure which category is suitable? Let Luming assist you.

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