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Foreign Nationals‧Dependent Residence

Applicable to foreign nationals who have relatives in Taiwan who meet the relevant status and other relevant requirements.


Basic application requirements — ​residence


Basic Application Requirements



Basic Application Requirements

— ​Naturalization


common Questions

Foreign Nationals

Dependent Immigration 2 Stage

Residence application

Stage 1

May apply for residency in Taiwan if relevant requirements are met.

Stage 2

APRC / Naturalization application

If relevant requirements are met, may apply for

  1. APRC

  2. Naturalization

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Foreigners with specific status may apply for APRC directly

Foreigners with specific status may  apply for APRC directly.

Persons related to dependents such as:

  • The accompanying spouse, minor children and children who are unable to support themselves due to a physical or mental condition of Foreign Professionals who have been granted with APRC.

  • The accompanying spouse, minor children of investment immigrants who have been granted with APRC (Plum Blossom Card).


Basic application  Requirement

Dependent residence
  1. Meet "Foreign Nationals" Immigration Act

  2. Enter Taiwan with a resident visa or change of resident visa after entering Taiwan.

  3. A health certificate or proof of no criminal record will be required, depending on the reason of residency, applicant’s identity and type of permit.

  4. Have to meet one of the following:

  • ​Having a spouse who is a R.O.C. (Taiwan) Citizen with Household Registration or without Household Registration but having permission of residency, or having a foreign spouse with permission of residency or APRC.

  • Minor children, and having a lineal ascendant who is a R.O.C. (Taiwan) Citizen with Household Registration or without Household Registration but having permission of residency, or having a foreign lineal ascendant with permission of residency or APRC. In the event of an adoptive kinship, the adoptee shall reside with adopter in Taiwan.

Note*: A foreigner will not be entitled for dependent residence if his/her foreign spouse is permitted by Ministry of Labor to engage in the jobs specified in Subparagraph 8 to 10, Paragraph 1 of Article 46 under the Employment Service Act.


If relevant requirements are met, may apply for
​(2) Naturalization


For those who have been granted APRC are still having their own foreign nationalities, are not acquire R.O.C. citizenship.

They are still entitle for the rights in terms of residence, work, social insurance and welfare etc.


Source: APRC sample from NIA, MOI

Basic requirements for APRC application for

Dependent residence


age limit

The requirement of applicant’s age depends on different category.

For some categories, applicants must be adult,

While for some categories, applicant must be minor children.


Applicant must meet the length of residence requirement in Taiwan

The requirement of applicant’s length of residence varies depending on the application category, the basic requirement for most of the categories is:

Legally and continuously resided in Taiwan for 5 years, with more than 183 days each year.


Provide the Financial Proof

The type of financial proof provided will based on the identity of applicant, most of the applicant will provide one of the following:

  1. Having an average monthly income in Taiwan in the previous year that is more than twice of the Monthly Minimum Wage promulgated by the Ministry of Labor Affairs;

  2. Having chattel or real estate in Taiwan with a total value worth more than NT$5,000,000;

  3. Having a certificate issued by the ROC government that certify people with specialized professionalism, techniques or have passed a technical test.

  4. Other condition(s) recognized by the National Immigration Agency.


Other requirement and provide the document as requested by competent authority

Such as no criminal record issued by Taiwan Police Department and competent authority of applicant’s country, health certificate, etc.


Other supporting documents requested by competent authority depending on the circumstances of the case.



Those who have been approved for naturalization may apply for “Permanent Residence Certificate” if relevant requirements are met, and may register household and obtain R.O.C. National ID card and R.O.C. passport once has been approved.


Source: Certificate of Naturalization handled by Platalea, with personal information and official stamps being covered.


Naturalization application

Since there are many eligibility criteria for naturalization, and the requirements and procedures for each criterion are complicated, the application procedure varies depending on the circumstances of each case.

Please refer to the Nationality related page, or contact Platalea, for us to recommend you with suitable application plan.

Want to know more? Let Platalea assist you!



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