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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Residence (Entrepreneur Visa)

Applicable to start a business in Taiwan with innovative technologies, products, patents, etc.

and meet other relevant conditions for foreigners


Basic application conditions


Basic application conditions
​—Permanent Residence
​— ​naturalization


application process


common problem

Two-stage immigration to Taiwan for foreigners to innovate and start businesses

 Application for residency 

Stage 1

You can apply if you meet all the basic application conditions, and if approved, you can come to Taiwan to stay

The foreign spouse and minor children of the main applicant,

If you meet the relevant conditions, you can also apply for residency in Taiwan

Stage 2

 Application for permanent residence/naturalization 

After obtaining the residence permit, you must fulfill the operational obligations related to innovation and entrepreneurship. If you meet various application conditions in the future, you can choose to apply

(1) Permanent residence; or

(2) Naturalization of the Republic of China nationality.

Spouses of foreign nationalities who come to Taiwan to live by relatives, if they meet all the application requirements, also have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence or naturalization.

申請條件 居留

Basic application conditions

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Residency
  1. Meets the definition of " foreign person "

  2. Entering Taiwan with a resident visa or obtaining a new resident visa in China after entering Taiwan

  3. Meet the application eligibility for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Residence (Entrepreneur Visa)

​ Relatives [spouse/minor children] accompanying regulations

Foreign relatives:

You can apply for family-based residence to accompany the main applicant of innovation and entrepreneurship residence to Taiwan.

Relatives of Hong Kong and Macao residents and people from the mainland:

It is also possible to accompany the main applicant for residency for innovation and entrepreneurship to live in Taiwan for a long time. However, the application for the certificate of residence in Taiwan, the application method, and whether it is issued or not are subject to relevant regulations and the competent authority will review the situation of the case.  

Application Eligibility for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Residence (Entrepreneur Visa)

You can apply as an individual/team if you meet one of the following eligibility criteria



Obtained investment from domestic and foreign venture capital enterprises, obtained investment from the National Development Fund of the Executive Yuan's entrepreneurial angel investment program, or invested (raised) more than NT$2 million in domestic or international new venture capital platforms recognized by the government.



Those who have actually entered or have already entered the following parks or creative institutions within one year, and have been recommended by the parks or creative institutions:

  1. International innovation and entrepreneurship parks and plans approved by the central or local government.

  2. Creative institutions directly operated by the central or local government, or those registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of International Creative Institutions and approved and announced.

  3. Foreign creative institutions recognized by the central or local government.



Obtained foreign invention patent rights, domestic invention or design patent rights, or the fact is sufficient to recognize professional skills.


Obtain domestic plant variety rights or animal nomenclature registrations, excluding those who have been assigned or authorized to do so.



Others have the ability to innovate as recognized or recommended by the central competent authority for the purpose of business.



Participate in representative entrepreneurship and design competitions at home and abroad to win awards, or apply for the government to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to come to Taiwan.



Have established a business in Taiwan that conforms to the principle of identifying a new business with innovative ability. The applicant or a member of the application team serves as the person in charge, manager or supervisor of the business, and has invested more than NT$1 million.


He has been shortlisted or awarded at iconic international fashion shows, film festivals, and international fashion awards at home and abroad.

Eligibility for Application for Extension of Residence Period

If the business in Taiwan meets one of the following conditions, it may apply for extension of residence

​The operating income meets the standard

The average annual operating income in the last year or the last three years is more than NT$3 million.

​ Operating expenses up to standard

The average annual operating expenses in the last year or the last three years are more than NT$1 million.

​Create local jobs

Employ more than 3 full-time Taiwanese employees.

other contributions

Other operating performances that are fully audited, and have been recognized by the competent authority of the target business as contributing to domestic economic development.

​Permanent Residence/Naturalization

If you meet the relevant conditions in the future, you can choose to apply
(1) Permanent residence
​(2) Naturalized Republic of China nationality

申請條件 永居歸化

Permanent Residence

Permitted permanent resident,

still only hold the original foreign nationality,

He did not acquire ROC nationality as a result.

Although living in Taiwan, working, social insurance and welfare, etc.

All parties will enjoy certain rights,

However, since he is not a national of the Republic of China,

Therefore, only the rights and obligations related to the citizens,

Neither are benefited or restricted by obtaining permanent residence.


Image source: Proof of Permanent Residence Permit Announced by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior

With the status of residence for innovation and entrepreneurship,
Basic conditions for applying for permanent residence



Applicants must be at least 20 years old.

Due to the revision of the law, starting from January 1, 112, the applicant must be over 18 years old to apply.


career in Taiwan
​ Must fulfill operational obligations

Businesses in Taiwan must maintain normal operations, and the competent authority will require the provision of operational performance certification documents, and will conduct multi-party assessments based on their operating profiles to determine whether the business meets the requirements.


Applicant​must meet the number of days in Taiwan

The number of days the applicant stays in Taiwan must meet the following requirements:

Have resided in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years and have lived in Taiwan for more than 183 days each year.


Submit financial proof

Submit financial documents such as:

  1. Documents proving that the average monthly income in the country in the past year is more than twice the salary announced by the Ministry of Labor.

  2. Documents proving that the estimated value of domestic movable and immovable properties exceeds NT$5 million.

  3. The government agency of our country has issued a certificate of professional occupation and technical personnel equivalent to higher level or above, or skill verification certificate of level B or above.

  4. Other documents certified by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior.


Meet other conditions and submit documents required by the competent authority

It is also necessary to submit various documents such as the certificate of no criminal record in China and the country, and a health examination report .

The remaining conditions are subject to the requirements of the competent authority based on the individual circumstances.

​ Relatives [spouse] accompanying regulations

Spouses of foreign nationalities who come to Taiwan to live as relatives may also have the opportunity to apply if they meet the requirements for permanent residence applications, including the number of days in Taiwan.


Those who have naturalized ROC nationality with permission,

If the conditions for applying for "settlement" are met in the future,

After the application is approved, it will be possible to further establish the citizenship,

And obtain Taiwan ID card and passport.


Image source: The certificate of naturalized nationality obtained by Luming's contractor, which has been covered and screenshots processed to delete personal information and the competent authority's signature and seal.

​naturalization application

Since there are many applicable qualifications for applying for naturalization, and the conditions and procedures are more complicated, the application will be different according to the situation of the case, so it is omitted here.

For details, please refer to the nationality-related application page, or contact Luming, and we will suggest a suitable application plan for you.

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Basic application process

Depending on the situation of the case,

The actual number and order of procedures to be completed must be adjusted accordingly.

Therefore, the basic flow shown below is for reference only.

Welcome to contact Luming, we will customize the process for you!



common problem

Not sure which category is suitable? Let Luming assist you.

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