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Luming International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) needs to collect, process and use your and in accordance with the provisions of Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Law, to inform you of the following matters:

1. The company name: Luming International Co., Ltd.

2. Purpose of collecting personal data:

  1. ( 003 ) Entry and exit and immigration

  2. ( 069 ) Deeds, similar deeds or other matters of legal relationship

  3. ( 090 ) Consumer, customer management and service

  4. ( 168 ) Passport, visa and document proof processing

  5. ( 181 ) Other operations that are in compliance with the business registration items or the articles of association

  6. ( 182 ) Other consulting and advisory services

3. Types of personal data collected:

  1. Identification class (C001 ~ C003)

  2. Feature class ( C011 ~ C014)

  3. Family situation (C021 ~ C024)

  4. Social Situation ( C031 ~ C041)

  5. Education, examination, technology or other majors (C051 ~ C058)

  6. Employment status (C061 ~ C073)

  7. Financial Details (C081 ~ C094)

  8. Business Information (C101 ~ C103)

  9. Health and Others (C111 ~ C121)

  10. Miscellaneous Information (C131 ~ C134)

4. Period, region, object and method of use of personal data:

  1. Period: The duration of the specific purpose, the retention period determined by the relevant laws or regulations or necessary for the execution of the business, or the retention period determined by the individual activity for the preservation of data, whichever is the longest.

  2. Territory: Within the territory of the Republic of China and for international transmission as required by law.

  3. Objects: The company (including outsourced agencies entrusted by the company to handle affairs), agencies that are required to be used by law, other business-related agencies, legally authorized agencies, and individuals agreed to by the parties.

  4. Method: Collect, process and use in the form of digital files or physical paper in compliance with relevant laws and regulations on personal data protection.

5. The rights and methods that the parties may exercise:

You can exercise your personal data protection rights through the company's website, telephone or in person. The content includes:

  1. Inquire or request a viewing.

  2. Request to make copies.

  3. Request for additions or corrections.

  4. Request to stop collecting, processing or using.

However, it may not be deleted because it is necessary for the execution of the business, before the disappearance of the specific purpose, or the retention period has not expired.

If you need to contact the company, you can take the following ways:

  1. Phone: +886-2-2232-0899

  2. Website:

  3. Address: 7th Floor, No. 53, Boai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

6. The parties refuse to provide the impact on their rights and interests:

Based on the above specific purposes, the company needs to collect your personal information, you are free to choose whether to provide relevant personal information and categories, but the personal information and categories you refuse to provide, if necessary for the company to perform business or related operations, this The company may not be able to provide you with relevant services or be unable to provide better services.

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